Menu path: User Interface > Input > Keyboard

In this area, you can configure the keyboard.

Keyboard layout: Specify the keyboard layout. The selected layout applies to all parts of the system including emulations, window sessions and X applications.

Enable dead keys

☑ Dead keys can be used to enter special characters.

Keyboard type: Specifies the keyboard type.
Possible values:

  • Default: Automatically selects the keyboard type according to the computer type (Macbook, Chromebook or PC105 for all others).
  • Standard PC keyboard (105 keys)
  • IBM keyboard (122 keys)
  • Trimodal keyboard
  • Sun Type 6 keyboard
  • Chromebook
  • Macbook
  • Macbook international
  • Thinkpad

Show indicator in taskbar

☑ Shows the language code for the keyboard in the taskbar.

Character Repeat

Repeat delay: Determines the delay (in milliseconds) before automatic repetition begins.

Repeat rate: Determines the number of times a character repeats per second.

Start with NumLock on

☑ NumLock will be enabled automatically during the boot process.

Secure keyboard input with Cherry SECURE BOARD

☑ A secure keyboard input mode will be enabled for the connected Cherry SECURE BOARD. In this mode, keyboard traffic between the keyboard and the endpoint is transmitted over a TLS 1.3 encrypted connection. The standard keyboard channel will be locked, which means that keyboard input devices without the secure mode will be blocked; see