• Integrated Citrix Workspace App 20.06
    Available Citrix Workspace Apps in this release: 20.06 (default), 19.12, and 18.10
  • Added a registry key to enable optimization for Microsoft Teams.

    IGEL SetupSessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > VDI Solutions
    ParameterMicrosoft Teams optimization

    on / off

  • Added a registry key to enable support for NetScaler App Experience (NSAP) virtual channel.

    ParameterHDX uses the NSAP virtual channel

    on / off

  • Integrated Citrix HDX/RTME 2.9.
  • Integrated ZOOM Media Plugin for Citrix to optimize performance for ZOOM video calls and conferences.
  • IGEL x64: 5.0.415463.0619 requires Windows x86 or x64: 5.0.24002.0619.

    IGEL SetupSessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > VDI Solutions
    ParameterZoom Media Plugin

    enabled / disabled

  • Updated signotec Virtual Channel to version 8.0.9.
    The corresponding changes are:
    • Logging has been improved.
    • A problem with the communication with the signature pads was fixed.
    • USB communication via bulk transfer is model-independent (improved speed).
  • Removed parameter Content redirection / ica.wfclient.crenabled from TC Setup (Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > HDX Multimedia).

OSC Installer

  • Added dialog "Feature Selection" in IGEL OS Creator for the selection of features to be installed on the target device. It interactively shows if the current selection of features fits onto the device. The selection of features is saved on the OSC installer medium (when allowed) and set as the default selection for the next installation. If "Migrate Old Settings" is selected, the set of features of the old installation is set as the default selection. 
  • Reduced memory requirements of OSC installer for machines without Nvidia graphic card.


  • Added AAC Codec support to Audio Output redirection.


    enabled / disabled


  • Added the possibility to add a black background to the RDP auto-reconnect window.


    enabled / disabled

  • Added configuration option for the amount of RDP auto-reconnect retries. The default value will remain "20". A value of "0" means infinite retries.



VMware Horizon

  • Updated VMware Horizon to version 5.4.1.
    For usage with Blast protocol, it is recommended to enable DRI3 graphics mode:

    ParameterUse DRI3

    enabled / disabled

  • Fixed handling of RDP's fullscreen mode span, which means to combine all local monitors for one big remote session.


  • Updated Ericom PowerTerm LTC to version

Parallels Client

  • Updated Parallels Client to version 17.1.1.

Teradici PCoIP Client

  • Updated Teradici PCoIP Client to version 20.04.2-18.04. The new version supports hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding with Ultra PCoIP.
  • New parameters:

    ParameterLog level

    0 / 1 / 2  / 3 / 4

    PCoIP sessions can now use the global setting.

    ParameterShow codec indicator

    disabled / enabled

    Info Show a small dot in the bottom left corner during the session to indicate which codec is being used. Green indicates simple codec; blue indicates tic2 codec. This setting is only available globally.


  • Added support to run as XEN guest system.

NX client

  • Updated NoMachine NX Client to version 6.11.2.


  • Updated ThinLinc to version 4.12.


  • DHCP changes:
    The system now sends a vendor-class-identifier(option 60) "igel-dhcp-1". Furthermore, it requests vendor-encapsulated-options (43). Those can be used to transfer IGEL-specific options igelrmserver(224) and umsstructuretag(226) in the vendor namespace (with the same option numbers and types) instead of in the global namespace.
    The former way is also still functional, but values transferred in the new way override those which were transferred the old way.
    Apart from 224 and 226 one more option is defined in the vendor space: "exclusive", option 1, type byte. Its presence means that global options 224 and 226 shall not be interpreted in the traditional way and only settings in the vendor space apply.
    IPv6 is not involved.
  • Added support for LTE module HP lt4132.
  • Updated Network Manager to version 1.20.4.
    • The range of network.interfaces.wirelesslan.device0.bgscan.module now includes "default" for using original upstream Network Manager settings.
  • Added some additional Ethernet network drivers.

    • amd-xgbe : AMD 10 Gigabit Ethernet driver
    • ec_bhf : Beckhoff EtherCAT
    • liquidio_vf : Cavium LiquidIO Intelligent Server Adapter Virtual Function driver
    • liquidio : Cavium LiquidIO Intelligent Server Adapter driver
    • thunder_bgx : Cavium Thunder BGX/MAC driver
    • nicvf : Cavium Thunder NIC Virtual Function driver
    • nicpf : Cavium Thunder NIC Physical Function driver
    • thunder_xcv : Cavium Thunder RGX/XCV driver
    • atlantic : aQuantia Corporation(R) network driver
    • be2net : Emulex OneConnect NIC driver
    • ixgb : Intel(R) PRO/10GbE network driver
    • igc : Intel(R) 2.5G Ethernet Linux driver
    • ice : Intel(R) Ethernet Connection E800 Series Linux driver
    • i40e : Intel(R) Ethernet Connection XL710 network driver
    • iavf : Intel(R) Ethernet Adaptive Virtual Function network driver
    • ixgbe : Intel(R) 10 Gigabit PCI Express network driver
    • igbvf : Intel(R) Gigabit Virtual Function network driver
    • ixgbevf : Intel(R) 10 Gigabit Virtual Function network driver
    • ena : Elastic Network Adapter (ENA)
    • nfp : The Netronome Flow Processor (NFP) driver
    • bna : QLogic BR-series 10G PCIe Ethernet driver
    • enic : Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC driver
    • mlx5_core : Mellanox 5th generation network adapters (ConnectX series) core driver
    • mlx4_en : Mellanox ConnectX HCA Ethernet driver
    • ionic : Pensando Ethernet NIC driver
    • sfc-falcon : Solarflare Falcon network driver
    • sfc : Solarflare network driver
    • dwc-xlgmac : Synopsys DWC XLGMAC driver
    • hinic : Huawei Intelligent NIC driver
    • cassini : Sun Cassini Ethernet driver
    • niu : NIU Ethernet driver
    • samsung-sxgbe : SAMSUNG 10G/2.5G/1G Ethernet PLATFORM driver
    • cxgb : Chelsio 10Gb Ethernet driver
    • qede : QLogic FastLinQ 4xxxx Ethernet driver
    • qlcnic : QLogic 1/10 GbE Converged/Intelligent Ethernet driver
    • qed : QLogic FastLinQ 4xxxx Core module
    • netxen_nic : QLogic/NetXen (1/10) GbE Intelligent Ethernet driver
    • vxge : Neterion's X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe I/OVirtualized Server adapter
    • myri10ge : Myricom 10G driver (10GbE)
    • tehuti : Tehuti Networks(R) network driver
    • bnxt_en : Broadcom BCM573xx network driver
    • bnx2x : QLogic BCM57710/57711/57711E/57712/57712_MF/57800/57800_MF/57810/57810_MF/57840/57840_MF driver
  • Added a registry key for specifying a space-separated list of DNS resolver options. See "man resolv.conf".

    ParameterOption list



  • Added support for WPA3 Personal network authentication.
  • Added a registry key for preferring WPA3 Personal (i.e. SAE) or WPA2 Personal at the time a connection is created with Wireless Manager when the access point offers both:

    ParameterPrefer WPA3 Personal to WPA2 Personal


    [default] [yes] [no]

    "default" currently means "no"

  • Added captive portal support for Wi-Fi. Passing through a captive portal (which is basically a web application) is sometimes necessary to achieve full network connectivity (here also referred to as online state).

    • The feature is disabled when the following registry key is empty. Otherwise, it should be a URI that is suitable for NetworkManager connectivity check.

      ParameterOnline check URI
      Range[] []
    • The following key specifies the conditions of the online check. It is also required that no Ethernet cable is plugged in and DHCP is not set in the UMS.

      ParameterCondition for online check
      Range[None] [Network is user-defined] [Network is open]
    • This key determines how many seconds to wait for full network connectivity before the network connection is considered complete with incomplete connectivity. The timeout should allow a user to do what is necessary for passing through the captive portal.

      ParameterOnline check timeout
  • Enabled use of 802.11r, also known as fast BSS transition or FT. This is confirmed to work at least in the mode "over the air".


Cisco JVDI Client

  • Updated Cisco JVDI client to version 12.9.0.

Cisco Webex VDI

  • Integrated the new feature Cisco Webex Teams VDI for Citrix and Horizon sessions.
    Cisco Webex Teams version: 3.0.15711.0
  • Added a parameter to activate the feature within Citrix:

    IGEL SetupSessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > Cisco
    ParameterCisco Webex Teams VDI
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added a parameter to activate the feature within VMware:

    IGEL SetupSessions > Horizon > Horizon Client Global > Unified Communications > Cisco
    ParameterCisco Webex Teams VDI - Horizon
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Integrated the new feature Cisco Webex Meetings VDI for Citrix sessions.
    Client Version:
  • Added a parameter to activate the feature within Citrix:

    IGEL SetupSessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > Cisco
    ParameterCisco Webex Meetings VDI
    Valueenabled / disabled

Base system

  • Updated base system to Ubuntu LTS version 18.04.
  • Updated kernel to version 5.4.48.
  • Added notification for critical system out-of-memory state when the available system memory is lower than 40 MB and processes were killed to prevent the system from freezing.
  • Display AMD Memory Guard in Boot Mode when it's active.
  • Added notification option for Session Autostart when a autostart delay is configured. It is possible to cancel the session autostart or to start immediately.

    IGEL Setup* > Desktop integration
    ParameterAutostart notification
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added correct UI handling for Wacom DTU-1141B
  • Updated CA Certificates to version 20190122 (Mozilla authority bundle version 2.30). The following authorities were added:

    • "Certigna Root CA"
    • "GTS Root R1"
    • "GTS Root R2"
    • "GTS Root R3"
    • "GTS Root R4"
    • "UCA Extended Validation Root"
    • "UCA Global G2 Root"
    • "GlobalSign Root CA - R6"
    • "OISTE WISeKey Global Root GC CA"
    • "GDCA TrustAUTH R5 ROOT"
    • " EV Root Certification Authority ECC"
    • " EV Root Certification Authority RSA R2"
    • " Root Certification Authority ECC"
    • " Root Certification Authority RSA"
    • "TrustCor ECA-1"
    • "TrustCor RootCert CA-1"
    • "TrustCor RootCert CA-2"
  • The following authorities were removed:

    • "Certplus Root CA G1"
    • "Certplus Root CA G2"
    • "OpenTrust Root CA G1"
    • "OpenTrust Root CA G2"
    • "OpenTrust Root CA G3"
    • "TÜRKTRUST Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Saglayicisi H5"
    • "Visa eCommerce Root"
    • "ACEDICOM Root"
    • "AddTrust Low-Value Services Root"
    • "AddTrust Public Services Root"
    • "AddTrust Qualified Certificates Root"
    • "CA Disig Root R1"
    • "CNNIC ROOT"
    • "Camerfirma Chambers of Commerce Root" 
    • "Camerfirma Global Chambersign Root"
    • "Certinomis - Autorit‚ Racine"
    • "Certum Root CA"
    • "China Internet Network Information Center EV Certificates Root"
    • "Comodo Secure Services root"
    • "Comodo Trusted Services root"
    • "DST ACES CA X6" 
    • "GeoTrust Global CA 2"
    • "PSCProcert"
    • "Security Communication EV RootCA1"
    • "Swisscom Root CA 1"
    • "Swisscom Root CA 2"
    • "Swisscom Root EV CA 2"
    • "TURKTRUST Certificate Services Provider Root 2007"
    • "TUBITAK UEKAE Kok Sertifika Hizmet Saglayicisi - Surum 3"
    • "UTN USERFirst Hardware Root CA"
  • Added parameter to override rate limit of debug messages in journal. It should be enabled for debugging processes which generate a big amount of messages in order to avoid skipping of messages.

    ParameterNo rate limit
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • It's possible to extend the login options of the Kerberos login window now. 
    There are several new registry keys:

    Parameterextended login
    Valueenabled / disabled

    If enabled, an "Associate Type" combo box is shown. The entries of the combo box are configured with the following login_feature1, login_feature2, and login_feature3 keys.

    • Configure the label of the "Associate Type" combo box:

      Parameterlogin features label
      ValueDefault: empty which means "Associate Type"
    • The first entry of the "Associate Type" combo box. To enable the combo box entry, add e.g. the text "Store associate at home store". 


      If the entry is selected, the username is expanded by a fixed string defined in login_extension_default registry key.

    • The fixed username extension for the first feature. It can be set e.g. by a script.

      Parameterlogin extension default value
    • The second entry of the "Associate Type" combo box. To enable the combo box entry, add e.g. the text "Store associate visiting this store". 


      If the entry is selected, the username is expanded by a suffix that is entered in a separate entry widget.

    • The label of the entry field for the username suffix. Set it e.g. to "Store Number".

      ValueDefault: empty which means "no label"
    • The third entry of the "Associate Type" combo box. To enable the combo box entry, add e.g. the text "Homeoffice associate visiting this store".


      If the entry is selected, another domain can be selected from an appended domain combo box.

    • The label for the domain entry field.

      Parameterlogin domain label
      ValueDefault: empty which means "domain"
    • The extension to the username is added after a dot ('.').
    • For the domain drop-down box, four different domains are configurable here:

      IGEL SetupSecurity > Active Directory/Kerberos > Domain 1 - 4
      ParameterFully qualified domain name
    • There are keys to add more domain names:

      InfoAdd a new instance for each domain entry.
    • In the Kerberos login window, it's now possible to turn on or off numlock and/or capslock for password input.
      Registry keys:

      ParameterHandling of numlock
      Range[don't change] [set on] [set off]
      Info"set on": force numlock on when password is entered
      "set off": force numlock off when password is entered
      ParameterHandling of capslock
      Range[don't change] [set on] [set off]
      Info"set on": force capslock on when password is entered
      "set off": force capslock off when password is entered
    • It's now possible to show a message in the Kerberos login window. Registry key:

      Parameterbanner text
      InfoThe user will see the message on the top border.
    • In the Kerberos login window, there is a mode to convert passwords always to upper case. To turn it on, use:

      Parametercase-insensitive password
      Valueenabled / disabled
    • With this key, the text for the case-insensitive indicator can be modified:

      Parametercase-insensitive text
      ValueDefault: empty which means "case-insensitive"
    • Fixed ThinkPad Brazil keyboard layout.
    • It is possible to show a custom logo in the Kerberos login window. Also, the background and text color is customizable now.
      Registry keys:

      Parameterpath for login image
      InfoSupported image formats include: PNG, JPG, SVG
      Parameterset specific colors for greeter
      Valueenabled / disabled
      Parametertext color

      Text color in the format #rrggbb
      Example: #ff0077

      Parameterbackground color

      Background color in the format #rrggbb
      Example: #7700ff

    • Added new local logon method "Login with Smart Card Certificate". It implements the pam_pkcs11 smartccard authentication module. For a successful
      configuration, the following has to be provided via UMS file transfer:
      • root and intermediate CA certificates for verification of the client certificates in folder /etc/pam_pkcs11/cacerts
      • file /etc/pam_pkcs11/cn_map which contains mappings of Common Names to UPN names.
        Each line is in the format \<common name> -> \<logon name>
        \<common name> is the common name part of the subject of the certificate
         \<logon name> is
        - in case of Kerberos Enterprise (auth.login.krb5_enterprise) disabled: the UPN name of the SubjectAltName extension of the certificate, e.g. user@MY.DOMAIN
        - in case of Kerberos Enterprise (auth.login.krb5_enterprise) enabled: the UPN name of the SubjectAltName extension of the certificate with Default Domain (auth.krb5.libdefaults.default_realm) suffix, e.g. user@DOMAIN.SUFFIX@DEFAULT.DOMAIN
    • The logon method can either be used standalone or together with Kerberos logon as a fallback if Kerberos does not succeed.

      ParameterLogin with Smart Card Certificate
      Valuefalse / true
      ParameterCertificate verification policy
      ParameterEnable Debugging of Smart Card Certificate Logon
      Valuefalse / true
    • It is possible to expand the store number by a registry key:

      Parameterexpand store
      Valueenabled / disabled
    • Fixed: The login screen is adjusted to lower resolutions.
    • It is possible to activate enter key to login on all fields.

      Parameterauto login on all fields
      Valueenabled / disabled

X11 system

  • Changed: Use modesetting graphics driver on devices with newer intel GPUs.
  • Changed registry key:

    ParameterUse generic modesetting driver for INTEL hardware
    Range[Auto] [True] [False]
  • Updated DisplayLink driver to version
  • Added new registry key for Nvidia cards (use this if you want to use PRIME):

    ParameterEnable/Disable NVIDIA Kernel Modesetting support
    Range[Default] [Enabled] [Disabled]
    Info"Default" is currently the same as "disabled"
  • Updated florence soft keyboard to version 0.6.3.
  • Removed 640x480 from possible display resolution range.
  • Added possibility to change the order of primary and secondary graphic card.
    New registry key:

    ParameterMake the secondary graphic card to the primary one
    Valuetrue / false
  • Added possibility to invert the order of all graphic cards.
    New registry key:

    ParameterInvert default graphic card ordering
    Valuetrue / false
  • Added possibility to choose the driver which should become the primary graphic card.
    New registry key:

    ParameterChoose which drivers should be preferred to become the primary graphic card

X server

  • Added possibility to influence mode used for mirroring screens with different resolutions. (Notice: here scaling may not always work).
    New registry key:

    ParameterChoose the mode which should be used for mirroring monitors if resolution differs
    Range[Default] [Biggest common resolution] [Scaling]
    ValueDefault (use panning if needed)


  • Updated Grundig Dictation driver for Citrix and RDP to version 0.10.
    The changes are:
    • Support third-party USB HID devices in a more flexible way
    • Fixed USB transfer overflow for Philips LFH 9620
    • Remove erroneous debug output in release configuration
    • Allow to control also "Headphone" volume & switches
  • Updated Olympus driver for dictation to version 2020-03-23-143654.


    • DR-1200: PID 0225
    • DR-2300: PID 0256


    • PID 0253 from DR-2100 to DR-1200
  • Updated Philips Speech driver to version G12.9.
    The changes are:
    • Support for Philips SpeechLive
    • Faster and more reliable remote session connection status check
    • Shutdown of the PSPDispatcher.exe on the server if it's not in use anymore.
  • Updated StepOver TCP client and Citrix plugin to version 2.4.2. Fixed crash of Citrix session while using the signature pad.


  • Integrated new sound mixer.
  • New combo box for audio device selection in TC Setup available:
    • Accessories > Sound Preferences > Options > Default Sound Output
    • Accessories > Sound Preferences > Options > Default Sound Input

Appliance Mode

  • Integrated: The new Browser Appliance mode is the successor for the XenDesktop appliance mode. The Browser is configured as in XenDesktop appliance mode, but does not
    use the upstream SAS window.

    IGEL SetupSessions > Appliance Mode
    Valueenabled / disabled
    IGEL SetupSessions > Appliance Mode > Browser
    ParameterWeb URL
  • A hyperlink to the "On-screen Keyboard" is available on the right side under "Related Configurations".


  • Added ffmpeg support for following codecs:
    • Added support for new decoders:

      flac, gif, libaom_av1, mjpeg, mjpegb,
      mp1,mp1float, mp2, mp3, mp3adu,
      mp3adufloat, mp3float, opus, theora, vorbis,
      vp2, vp8, vp9, and wavepack

    • Added support for new encoder: libopus
    • Added support for new hwaccels:

      mjpeg_vaapi, mpeg1_vdpau, mpeg2_vaapi,
      mpeg2_vdpau, vp8_vaapi, and vp9_vaapi

    • Added support for new parsers: avi, flac, gif, matroska, mp3, ogg, and wav
    • Added support for new demuxers: avi, flac, gif, matroska, ogg, and wav
    • Added support for new muxers: ogg and opus

Chromium Browser

  • Integrated Chromium browser version 83.0.4103.61 as experimental feature.
    Configurable at IGEL Setup > Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global and IGEL Setup > Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Sessions
  • Main switch to enable and disable IGEL configuration:

    IGEL SetupSessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global
    ParameterUse IGEL Setup for configuration
    Valuedisabled / enabled
    InfoWith disabled IGEL configuration, you can use the generic Custom Setup to configure Chromium.
    The Custom Setup can be found at IGEL Setup > Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global > Custom Setup:
    Policies, Preferences, Commandline Options.
  • Parameter for enabling and disabling the H.264 decoding:

    IGEL SetupSessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global
    ParameterH.264 decoding
    Valueenabled / disabled
    InfoEnable Audio/Video playback of non-free codecs (H.264+AAC) - the support is in
    a beta state and therefore disabled by default.


  • Added the Evidian built-in option 'Process To Spy'.

    ValueYOUR-PROCESS / disabled


  • Integrated ControlUp Monitoring Tool for Citrix and Horizon sessions.


  • Added hardware support for Lenovo M625q.
  • Added hardware support for LG CL600N.
  • Added hardware support for HP Engage Go Mobile System.
  • Added hardware support for Fujitsu FUTRO S740.
  • Added hardware support for OnLogic CL210G-10.
  • Added hardware support for OnLogic KARBON 300.
  • Added hardware support for Rein Medical Clinio S 522TCT and S 524TCT.
  • Added hardware support for HP t640 Thin Client.
  • Added basic support for Macbook models 2018 and newer.
  • Added support for Sennheiser MB 660, SC 630, SC 45, SC 160 headsets.
  • Added support for Plantronics Savi 8245 Office, Voyager 6200 UC, Savi 8220 headsets.
  • Added serial port driver for Exar UART PCIe card.
  • Added driver for GSPCA based webcams.

TC Setup (Java)

  • Added Setup page Sessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Window. Settings for "Window size" and "Multimonitor full-screen mode" can be set.
    These settings are repeated and originate in RDP Global but are now presented in a more obvious place for Horizon sessions.

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Added support for Secure Terminal over ICG.
  • Changed default order of connecting to the IGEL Remote Management - an available UMS Server is preferred now by default. The device establishes a configured ICG connection only if the UMS Server is not reachable. This behavior can be changed by the parameter:

    Valuetrue / false


  • Updated FabulaTech Scanner for Remote Desktop client to version
  • Updated FabulaTech plugins to version 3.6.2.
  • Updated Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop plugins to version 3.6.8.


  • Jabra Xpress (JDU) is upgraded to the 7.2.0-509 version. List of the newly introduced parameters:

    Valuetrue / false
    Valuetrue / false