• Changed: For Browser Content Redirection, the Chromium Embedded Framework is used by default now - Parameter ica.allregions.usecefbrowser is set to true (as default).
  • Added Citrix Workspace App 2112
    Available Citrix Workspace Apps in this release: 2112 (default), 2111, and 2010
  • New features:
    • The cursor color inverts based on the background color of a text.

      ParameterSupport for cursor color inverting
      Valuefalse / true
    • Enhancement on smartcard support.

      ParameterSmartCard driver
      NoteVDSCARDV2.DLL supports the Plug and Play functionality for smartcard reader
    • The PulseAudio library is used instead of ALSA to access multiple audio devices within a session (Experimental).

      ParameterMultiple Audio Device support
      Valuefalse / true
    • Note: The VdcamVersion4Support is renamed to AudioRedirectionV4, so registry key ica.module.vdcamversion4support is removed.
    • UDP audio through Citrix Gateway (Experimental).

      ParameterUDP audio through Citrix Gateway
      Valuefalse / true
    • Webcam redirection for 64-bit apps (Technical Preview)
      For 64-bit webcam redirection, the following parameters must be enabled:
      ica.wfclient.allowaudioinput = True (default)
      ica.wfclient.hdxh264inputenabled = True
    • Added a registry key to enable hardware acceleration for webcam redirection with 64-bit applications. The effect is based on prerequisites as following:
      ica.wfclient.allowaudioinput=true (default), ica.wfclient.hdxh264inputenabled=true, ica.wfclient.hdxwebcamenabled=true and available acceleration hardware plus license.

      ParameterEnable gstreamer input hardware encoder
      Valuefalse / true
    • Known issue: Currently, H.264 for Citrix sessions in parallel with the above video acceleration will fail, only either or is possible.
    • Updated signotec Virtual Channel Driver to version 8.0.10


  • Added global proxy setting via Automatic Proxy Configuration (pac file).
  • The following parameters need to be set accordingly:

    IGEL SetupNetwork > Proxy
    ParameterAutomatic proxy configuration
    IGEL SetupSessions > AVD > AVD Sessions > AVD Session > Proxy
    ParameterGlobal Proxy Setting
  • Added version notification when new IGEL AVD client versions are available. To disable the notification, the following parameter has been added:

    Valueenabled / disabled

Parallels Client

  • Updated Parallels client to version 18.3.1

NX client

  • Updated NX client to version 7.8.2


  • Removed support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1.
  • Updated Chromium Browser to version 99.0.4844.74.


  • Updated Mozilla Firefox to version 91.6.1 ESR.


  • Updated Network Manager to version 1.32.


  • Updated Network Manager to version 1.32.
  • Added ath11k Wi-Fi driver.
  • Updated wpa_supplicant to version 2.10.


  • Updated cryptovision sc/interface to version 8.0.13. Changes are:
    • Support for CardOS 5.4 / 5.5
    • Support for DTRUST 4.x
    • Support for Bayern-PKI Legacy-Karte
    • Support for ePasslet-Suite-3.5 on NXP JCOP4
    • Integration of CardOS based "PKIBw-Karte 7.1" (tPKI)
  • Added new smartcard middleware SecMaker Net iD Client. The existing middleware SecMaker Net iD remains in the firmware and is renamed to SecMaker Net iD Enterprise (no need for configuration changes).

    IGEL SetupSecurity > Smartcard > Middleware
    ParameterSecmaker Net iD Client
    Valuefalse / true
    IGEL SetupSessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Smartcard
    ParameterHorizon logon with SecMaker Net iD Client smartcards
    Valuefalse / true
    IGEL SetupSessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global > Smartcard Middleware
    ParameterSecMaker Net iD Client Security Device
    Valuefalse / true
    IGEL SetupSessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global > Smartcard Middleware
    ParameterSecMaker Net iD Client Security Device
    Valuefalse / true
  • Updated Athena IDProtect smartcard library to version 7-20210902. This fixes smartcard logon using Horizon client and CRYPTAS TicTok v2 cards.
  • Added configuration parameters for options of PC/SC lite smartcard daemon which are needed in some cases:

    ParameterMaximum number of threads
    Value200 (default)
    ParameterMaximum number of card handles per thread
    Value200 (default)
    ParameterMaximum number of card handles per reader
    Value200 (default)
    ParameterKeep card always powered on
    Valuefalse (default)

Cisco Webex

  • Updated Cisco WebEx VDI plugin to version 42.2
  • Updated Cisco WebEx Meeting VDI plugins. Available plugins in this release: (default),, and

 Base system

  • Added support for Thai keyboard layout and localization.
  • Updated kernel to version 5.15.26
  • Fixed security issue CVE-2022-0185.
  • Updated intel-microcode to version 20220207 to fix security issues CVE-2021-0127 and CVE-2021-0146.
  • Updated mesa to version 21.3.7.
  • Switched to Ubuntu Focal version of glibc.
  • Switched to Ubuntu Focal version of libstdc++6
  • Updated HP documentation for devices deployed directly by HP.
  • Added new registry key to include systemd information in the support files.

    ParameterCollect systemd information for support files
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added new registry key to include systemd-analyze plot in the support files.

    ParameterInclude systemd-analyze plot svg-image in support files
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Teradici PCoIP Client does not require an Add-On license anymore, this is now part of the Workspace Edition license.
  • Added new registry key to switch between the default (igel) and the unchanged asound2 pulse plugin type:

    ParameterAsound2 plugins type
    Range[default] [igel] [vanilla]

CID Key Agent

  • Updated Stratusphere UX Agent to version 6.6.0-3


  • Updated Philips Speech dictation drivers to version 13.1.10. Changes are amongst others:
    • Increased robustness in session switching/roaming use cases
    • Support of Philips SmartMike Duo USB devices
    • RDP plugins now use native freerdp instead of elusiva interface

X server

  • Updated Xorg server to version 21.1

Window manager

  • Added: The location of the notification pop-up window is now configurable.

    ParameterLocation of notifications
    Range[Top left] [Bottom left] [Top right] [Bottom right] [Center]


  • Added audio support for LG AiO with Realtek ALC256 chipset.
  • Updated EPOS Connect to version


  • Added a parameter to control the webcam powerline frequency. The "Auto" option uses the camera's default settings.

    IGEL SetupRegistry > multimedia > webcam
    Range[Auto] [50 HZ] [60 HZ]


  • Updated Zoom VDI plugin to version
    Available plugins in this release: (default),, and 5.4.59458


  • Added representation of all systemd-units installed in the firmware is now included in the support_information, which can be created in the UMS.


  • Added HP mt46 Mobile Thin Client into supported hardware list.
  • Updated NVIDIA driver to version 470.86.
  • Added gddccontrol to control monitor parameters like brightness, contrast, and so on.

TC Setup (Java)

  • Updated TC Setup to version 6.10.1.

Remote Management

  • Added: Transfer details (MAC addresses etc.) of all available network adapters.
  • Added support for device-specific attributes defined by the UMS. The list of device attributes is received from the UMS during boot. To access the data, the new rmagent commands are available:

Enumerate the list in the form: ATTR_NAME:ATTR_TYPE:ATTR_VALUE. The enumeration is ordered according to the attribute's order id.

/sbin/rmagent-devattrs-enum-range \<ATTR_NAME>
Enumerate entries of the given range. The enumeration is ordered according to the range item's order id.

/sbin/rmagent-devattrs-get-type \<ATTR_NAME>
Print type of the given attribute. Known types are string, number, data or range.

/sbin/rmagent-devattrs-get \<ATTR_NAME>
Print value of the given attribute.

/sbin/rmagent-devattrs-set \<ATTR_NAME> \<ATTR_VALUE>
Set the given attribute to the specified value. The command doesn't check value type but permission rule defined for the attribute.

/sbin/rmagent-devattrs-reset \<ATTR_NAME>
Reset the given attribute, the attribute doesn't have then an empty value.

Calculate current checksum and send the attribute list to the UMS if the checksum is different than the sum received from the UMS.

Send the attribute list to the UMS.

As attribute name, the UMS internal name of the attribute must be used. See Managing IGEL OS Devices by Device Specific Data - What Device Attributes Can Do for You.


  • Updated Fabulatech USB Redirection Client plugins to 3.8.0
  • Updated FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop to version 6.0.35.
  • Added: FabulaTech device redirection now works with Horizon Blast