The thin client's system time is not correct.


  1. Open the thin client's configuration either locally or in UMS.
  2. Go to System > Time and Date
  3. Choose your Continent/Area (e.g. America).
  4. Choose your Location (e.g. New York).
  5. Set time and date
    1. either manually by clicking Set time and date
    2. or automatically by configuring an NTP Time Server.
  6. Click OK or Apply to save your settings.

    Note: If choosing General as Time Zone Area you have to set your GMT time zone (Location) following the POSIX standard (as usual in Linux) - which means you have to invert the offset of your common UTC time zone! (See tool tip for Location as well.) Therefore it is preferable to set the system's time zone by choosing the corresponding area and location instead of defining the GMT offset.

Example for America/New York: In POSIX standard GMT+5 is the time zone 5 hours west of Greenwich and corresponds to UTC-5

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