In IGEL OS, you can add an AppliDis session; for how to add a session, see AppliDis. In the Options area, you can define the language, credentials, access path, and further settings for the AppliDis client.

Menu path: Sessions > AppliDis > Options


Language for the AppliDis client

Possible options:

  • English (Default)
  • French

How the password is sent to the RDP Client

The method for sending the password configured below to the RDP Client

Possible options:

  • cmdline (Default)
  • prompt

Working directory

Complete path of the work directory for the application on the server

User name

User name when logging in to the server


Password when logging in to the server 

Session passwords are stored with reversible encryption. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to store the session password on the endpoint device. 


Domain when logging in to the server

Full path to cert

Path to the certificate with file name


Maximum time in minutes that the system waits for a response from the server. (Default: 30)

AppliDisXML access path

Path for XML communication with the AppliDis administration server. (Example: /AppliDisXML/AppliDisServer.asp)

Lock connection type

☑ The connection type is locked. (Default)

☐ The connection type is not locked.

Hide “Close” tab

☑ The “Close” tab is hidden. (Default)

☐ The “Close” tab is not hidden.

Close AppliDis client at end of session

☑ The client is closed when the session ends. (Default)

☐ The client is not closed.

Force insecure mode

☑ Insecure mode is forced.

☐ Insecure mode is not forced. (Default)

Enable debug mode

☑ Debug mode is enabled.

☐ Debug mode is disabled. (Default)

Activate SSL mode

☑ SSL mode is enabled.

☐ SSL mode is disabled. (Default)

Remember user

☑ AppliDis remembers the user name. (Default)

☐ AppliDis does not remember the user name.

Discard credentials

☑ The credentials are not saved. (Default)

☐ The credentials are saved.

Hide “Filter” tab

☑ The “Filter” tab is not shown.

☐ The “Filter” tab is shown. (Default)

Hide “Service” tab

☑ The “Service” tab is not shown.

☐ The “Service” tab is shown. (Default)

Hide “Server” tab

☑ The “Server” tab is not shown.

☐ The “Server” tab is shown. (Default)

SLB graphic mode disabled?

☑  A window for selecting the desktop is not shown. (Default)

☐  A window is shown where the user can choose which desktop he wants to be connected to.