If you set a certain keyboard language it has no effect on the regional settings.


In the IGEL setup there are several input fields for regional settings. You would like to understand which setting has what effect in the sessions.


Defining general regional settings:

Go to IGEL Setup > User Interface > Language.

  • Language: Select one of the languages offered for the graphical user interface.
  • Keyboard Layout: Select the country-specific assignment of keys, e.g. English(US).
  • Input Language: Set the language you are going to write in, e.g. English(Australia).
  • Standards and Formats: Select country-specific formats, e.g. for date and time or currency.

Defining session-specific regional settings:

Go to the settings of your session, e.g. Citrix: IGEL Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Keyboard.

The default settings are those you defined under User Interface > Language.

Specify Keyboard Layout and Input Language for your Citrix Session.