VMware Horizon

  • Fixed: Client connection to the remote desktop using PCoIP protocol failed occasionally.

OS 11 Upgrade

  • Fixed UD Pocket upgrade process with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Fixed major upgrade problem with Intel network drivers.
  • Make OS 11 Upgrade VPN detection more lenient to allow blocked upgrade on some devices with integrated mobile broadband modem.

Base system

  • Fixed ActiveDirectory/Kerberos password change with "Change Password" accessory for users who are members of many (~300+) AD groups.


  • Fixed not working bluetooth for some Intel Wi-Fi cards.

Remote Management

  • Fixed: UMS jobs have not been executed when delivered at next system boot.
  • Fixed automatic registering in the UMS using DNS entry or DHCP tag.


  • Updated firmware 7.3.3 of RFIDeas pcProx readers.