• Fixed window settings for Citrix Desktop sessions
  • Fixed, no useless "to" icon is created with the StoreFront session.
  • Fixed startup of Self-Service after reboot in some cases.
  • Added a parameter to control if the cache of Self-Service files is persistent over reboots:

    ParameterPersistent cache of configuration and UI
    Valuetrue / false
  • In 2112 CWA, Citrix introduced a fix for a video flicker by always capturing the camera at maximum resolution (1080 or 720p depending on the camera‚Äôs capabilities) and then scaling down dynamically to match the constraints set by Teams servers. Example: in a conference call, the Teams servers might only require 360p at the beginning of the call and 480p as the call progresses.
    This scaling causes high CPU usage on thin clients as we are capturing HD video constantly, even if the endpoint is low-powered.
    Workaround: Add the following custom command under System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Desktop > Final desktop command:
    mkdir -p /var/.config/citrix/hdx_rtc_engine
    touch /var/.config/citrix/hdx_rtc_engine/config.json
    echo "{" > /var/.config/citrix/hdx_rtc_engine/config.json
    echo "\"UseDefaultCameraConfig\":0" >> /var/.config/citrix/hdx_rtc_engine/config.json
    echo "}" >> /var/.config/citrix/hdx_rtc_engine/config.json

Base system

  • Fixed Product ID for IGEL UD6.
  • Fixed prevented detection of USB device by its UUID
  • Fixed missing generation number in Product ID (About and UMS)
  • Added new registry key to include systemd information in the support files.

    ParameterCollect systemd information for support files
    Valuedisabled / enabled
  • Added new registry key to include systemd-analyze plot in the support files.

    ParameterInclude systemd-analyze plot svg-image in support files
    Valuedisabled / enabled

OSC Installer

  • Fixed OSC Recovery with enabled "Migrate Old Settings"


  • Fixed native USB redirection of Elatec TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF RFID reader
  • Fixed wrong error message when RDP session was closed by idle timeout


  • Added full support for Thai (Kedmanee) keyboard layout
  • Added support for Thai (Pattachote) only with sessions.wvd%.options.remote-keymapping=on
  • Added potential support for other keyboard layouts when the special key codes are of the type 0xeXX
  • Added new parameter for avoiding incompatibilities between the AAD login and the QWebEngine we use. Enablement of this new parameter is needed when AAD login hangs (likely showing a white screen after the username has been entered):

    Valueenabled / disabled

RD Web Access

  • Fixed downloading published applications

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed not starting Firefox if called by Horizon client for 2FA. Libraries from Horizon installation were prevented by apparmor.


  • Added apparmor exception to fix webrtc
  • Fixed usage of Athena IDProtect smartcards
  • Removed superfluous permission dialog before starting Horizon client or Citrix receiver from the browser.


  • Fixed: Network interfaces were unusable when name assignment failed due to length. In such cases, names are now determined according to NamePolicy=mac.
  • Improved synchronization of IPv4 and IPv6 when both are desired
  • Added a registry key for specifying a period in seconds to wait for Ethernet link settings. A value greater than "0" can be beneficial in the case where applying the link settings would interfere with 802.1X authentication.

    ParameterWait for Ethernet link configuration
    Value1 (default)


  • Fixed "bestsignal" in network.interfaces.wirelesslan.device0.bssid and network.interfaces.wirelesslan.device0.alt_ssid%.bssid had no effect.
  • Improved reconfiguring regulatory domain settings at runtime
  • Fixed: Enabling wpa supplicant's background scan was broken (settings network.interfaces.wirelesslan.device0.bgscan.**) since the step to Network Manager 1.30.0


  • Fixed smartcard PIN verify with HP Skylab smartcard keyboard.
  • Fixed pcsc_scan and ATR_analysis tools and updated list of known smartcards.

Base system

  • Fix USB deny rules not working in certain situations.
  • Added new parameter to enable English international dead keys:

    ParameterEnglish (International) dead keys
    Valuedisabled / enabled
  • Added parameter to enable dead keys:

    IGEL SetupUser Interface > Input > Keyboard
    ParameterEnable dead keys
    Valuedisabled / enabled
  • Fixed Setup Assistant - After acceptance of EULA, Demo License flow was not available.
  • Fixed removal of Kerberos credential cache after session logoff.
  • Fixed faulty suspend with locked screen.

Firmware update

  • Implemented support for FTP over implicit TLS (port 990)


  • Updated Grundig Dictation driver to version 0.12/21-12-21
    • Fix crashes with newer Citrix clients
    • Add support to set up default speaker & microphone in Citrix & RDP session
    • Add support for Olympus DS-xxxx configuration
    • Various bug fixes

X server

  • Fixed XC font service support


  • Fixed multimedia.disable_audio.pci registry key setting
  • Fixed switch of Speaker / Headsets

Remote Management

  • Fixed evaluation of the exit status of a UMS generic job if the corresponding generic command is implemented as a systemd service.