This assistant helps you configure the connection to IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG):

 Start ICG Agent Setup. Start options are described in ICG Agent Setup.

  • Address: IP address or DNS name of the server running ICG. You can specify a TCP port by appending a colon and the port number.

 After entering the server address, click Connect.

  • If you are using an ICG certificate signed by an unknown CA:
    Root certificate fingerprint: Fingerprint identifying the root certificate - three of four fields are prefilled. 
    Supply the missing fingerprint field from the credentials you received from your system administrator.
  • ICG One-Time Password: The one-time-password you received from your system administrator.
    • show Click this icon in order to make the one-time password readable.
    • keyboard Click this icon in order to change the keyboard layout for entering the password.
  • Login: Click this button to connect the thin client to ICG.
  • Finish: Click this button for instant connection to ICG. Otherwise, it will be started automatically on the next boot.

    This cloud icon in the system tray indicates that the thin client is connected to ICG.

    If you are switching between home office and company office often, it may be feasible to configure your IGEL OS so that it prefers the local UMS over the ICG. This prevents your device from connecting to the ICG instead of the local UMS although the device is located in the company network.

    To make the device prefer the local UMS, make the following settings:

    1. Go to IGEL Setup > System > Registry > system > remotemanager > icg_try_ums_connect (Search parameter: system.remotemanager.icg_try_ums_connect).
    2. Enable Prefer UMS over ICG.
    3. Confirm your setting with Ok.