Uses only display 1.

Shows the same content on all screens, i.e. clone mode or mirroring.

Extends the display area to the screen on the right.

Extends the display area to the screen on the left

Uses only display 2.

Rotates the selected display to the left or to the right.

Identify Displays: Starts the monitor detection.

Advanced: Switches to Advanced mode of display configuration.

Reset: Restores the default settings.

Close: Closes the IGEL Display Switch window.

Mouse options

  • Lefthand Mode
    Lefthand mode is active.

     Righthand mode is active. (Default)
  • Pointer speed: Value for the mouse speed in percentage between 1 (slow) and 100 (fast). (Default: 50)
  • Double clickMaximum interval in milliseconds between two mouse clicks to still be recognized as a double-click. (Default: 300)

For more information, see Using Display Switch and Display Switch.