• Fixed sporadic crashes of the Citrix USB Daemon.

RDP / IGEL RDP Client 2

  • Fixed passing Ctrl+Alt+C keyboard shortcut to RDP session.
  • Fixed smartcard redirection: after session reconnection readers and cards were not connected any more in some cases.
  • Fixed the rdpdebugger to work again (was broken in the previous release).
  • Fixed misleading RDP error message `Authentication failed` on wakeup from suspend mode
  • Fixed TCP timeout value to get more stable RDP connections under certain circumstances.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed bug which prevented microphone redirection in Horizon Client RDP sessions.

    IGEL Setup

    Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Mapping > Audio


    Audio recording




    enabled / disabled

RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Client

  • Fixed display corruption with Windows connections.


  • Fixed possibility to download files in the browser if needed. The parameter to enable/disable file download is available here.

    IGEL Setup

    Sessions > Browser > Browser Sessions > Window


    Hide local filesystem



    enabled / disabled

    If enabled, the user is not allowed to download or use any save-as functionality from menu, context or keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed bug which prevented the download using the file dialog (in the case you open a link to a file of unkonwn type).
  • Fixed unmounting of the Firefox profile partition during shutdown - now it is unmounted in a determinate manner after Custom Partition.


  • Fixed bug: Network tray icons sometimes didn't reappear after network restart.
  • Fixed bug: tcpdump debug tool terminated immediately during boot.
  • Fixed issue with naming of USB ethernet devices.
  • Fixed wrong LinkMode (10baseT/Half) with autonegotiation and some USB ethernet devices.


  • Changed default value of PasswordMode from cmdline to prompt as suggested by Systancia.


  • Fixed driver for Elatec RFID readers. Before this fix the readers sometimes were not available after boot.
  • Fixed VMware Horizon logon with OpenSC smartcards.

CUPS Printing

  • Fixed bug where the user for printjobs was not set to the domain user.

Base System

  • Fixed Kerberos password change to work also with transport protocol TCP. To force protocol TCP, prepend Domain Controllers with prefix "tcp/", e.g. "tcp/".
  • Fixed occasional desktop hang in the local login or the network login mask after successful authentication.
  • Fixed password expiry notification showing negative expiry period.
  • Fixed update to connect to SFTP servers with very restrictive key exchange settings.
  • Fixed input of the reset key in reset to defaults boot, if the administrator password is not available anymore. If more than 255 characters were entered in the 1st try, it was not possible to enter the reset key for a 2nd or 3rd time.
  • Fixed Active Directory logon with smartcard: If the smartcard contains logon certificates for multiple users, it is possible to switch between these certificates and log on with the chosen certificate now.
  • Fixed missing names for some partitions in update notification when having a user interface language other than English.
  • Fixed problems with never ending bootcode update with some EFI BIOS variants.
  • Fixed ssh server port configuration.
  • Fixed signotec signature pad channel for Citrix.
  • Increased stability of signotec VCOM Daemon.
  • Remove residual information belonging to a removed content from a custom partition.
  • Fixed crash of xfce4-power-manager after adding or removing input devices.

Custom Partition

  • Fixed automatic update of custom partition - if download source isn't accessible then the content of the custom partition got lost.

Appliance Mode

  • Fixed post session command Logoff in Appliance Mode.

X11 System

  • Fixed Elo-USB Touchscreen functionality after reboot.
  • Fixed DisplayLink USB Support on UD3 LX50.
  • Fixed issue with two monitors connected via DVI-D to HDMI adapter on a UD3 M330 (VIA). Added registry key to disable the new HDMI autodetection.


    Autodetect if DVI to HDMI adapter is in use




    enabled / disabled

  • Fixed wrong automatic resolution detection if monitor does not have a preferred mode.
  • Fixed sporadic display corruptions after monitors leaving the power saving mode.
  • Improved handling of more than 2 screens.


  • Fixed sporadic VNC server crash.


  • Fixed volume control of internal speaker in HP T610.
  • Fixed automatic switch to output over analog headphones.
  • Not existing S/PDIF inputs and outputs in Plantronics and Jabra USB headsets are now ignored by audio subsystem (Pulseaudio).
  • Added workaround in the kernel USB audio driver for volume control on Sennheiser USB headsets.

Remote Management

  • Fixed calculation of Unit ID for UMS management. In some cases, it could happen that the MAC address of wrong network interface was chosen.
  • Fixed IGEL Setup Assistant to get stopped when settings were received from UMS.