The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.08.110 can be found on our download server at as well as in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 11.08.110.

Concurrent Usage of Multiple Smartcard Middleware Libraries (Active Directory/Kerberos and Citrix)

Under Security > Smartcard > Middleware, you can now activate multiple middleware libraries, see Middleware for Smartcards in IGEL OS.

On Devices That Support LVFS, the BIOS Can Be Updated 

If the BIOS of your devices is distributed via the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS), you can update, downgrade, or reinstall it using the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). For details, see BIOS Update for Devices Supported by LVFS

Syntax for Chromium Policies

To define custom policies for the Chromium browser, you can now use the syntax that is described under For details, see Chromium Policies for IGEL OS.

Support for Cherry eHealth ST-1506 in USB RNDIS Mode

You can now use Cherry ST-1506 devices in USB RNDIS mode, see Using Cherry eHealth Card Terminal ST-1506 in USB RNDIS Mode with IGEL OS.