You may want to shut down, suspend, restart or log off from the device automatically after ending a session.


You can define an "after-logoff-action" dependent on a session type. This action is performed after ending the last instance of the defined session type.

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the device's local Setup (or its UMS configuration or profile), navigate to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Post Session.
  2. Choose a Session type.
  3. Choose a Post-session command.
  4. Save the changes with Apply or OK.

If the last instance of the chosen session type is ended, the post-session command will be processed.

See also IGEL OS manual: Post Session Custom Commands in IGEL OS

The post-session command Shutdown/suspend will perform the default action defined under System > Power Options > Shutdown > Default action. Please check this parameter before using the command.
The post-session command Logoff is futile unless you define a login method under Security > Logon (Smartcard, Active Directory/Kerberos, or IGEL Shared Workplace). The Logoff command also cannot be used with an appliance – in this case, only Shutdown/suspend or Reboot commands are working.
When using auto-logoff commands with an appliance, make sure to define the corresponding session type – e.g. Horizon View when using the VMware Horizon View appliance.