Here, you can configure settings for energy saving on your IGEL OS endpoint device. This comprises the behavior after a configured time of inactivity and the CPU power plan.

Display of Energy Star Logo on Selected HP Endpoint Devices

With selected Hewlett-Packard (HP) endpoint devices, the Energy Star certification mark is displayed on this Setup page, 

Menu path:  System > Power Options > System

System suspend/shutdown on inactivity

Specify how long the user can be inactive before the system switches to standby mode or shuts down, dependent on the option selected under System action on inactivity.

Possible values:

  • Never*
  • After 1 minute
  • ...
  • After 24 hours

System action on inactivity

Possible options:

  • Suspend*: The system is set to standby mode after the timeout defined with System suspend/shutdown on inactivity has expired.

    If Suspend doesn't work, it might be related to a missing ACPI Support:

  • Shutdown: The system is shut down after the timeout defined with System suspend/shutdown on inactivity has expired. 

Without dialog

☑ The user is not asked if the system is to be set to standby mode.

☐ The dialog will be shown.*

Dialog timeout

Time in seconds, for which the dialog is to be displayed. (Default: 10 seconds)

CPU Power Plan

Specify here which CPU power plan (CPU Governor) the device is to use in battery mode and in AC mode.

  • On Battery

    High Performance: full performance with maximum processor speed

    Balanced (Smooth): slower regulation of performance in a balanced manner according to the demands of programs. Suitable for users who are bothered by the fan frequently running at high speed.

    Balanced (Recommended)*: rapid regulation of performance according to the demands of programs.

    Power Saver: lowest processor speed

  • Plugged in

    High Performance*

    Balanced (Smooth)

    Balanced (Recommended)

    Power Saver

Tray Icon

☑ A CPU icon will be shown in the system tray. This makes it easy to switch between power plans.

☐ No CPU icon will be shown.*

* IGEL OS system default