Here, you can configure touchpad settings for your IGEL OS devices.

Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Input > Touchpad

The actual settings depend on the hardware supported by the particular touchpad.

Enable Touchpad on Boot

☑ The touchpad is enabled on boot. This can be overridden by the hotkey configured below. (Default)


Each time you press the hotkey, you toggle the touchpad on or off.

☐ No hotkey is used. (Default)


Modifiers for the hotkey


Key for the hotkey

Custom configuration

☑ Using the following options, adapt the touchpad to your needs.

☐ No custom configuration (Default)

Tapping Mode (as of IGEL OS 11.08.290)

Switches the tapping mode on or off.
Possible values:

  • With tapping (Default)
  • Without tapping

Min speed

Minimum speed of the pointer in seconds. (Default: 1.00)

Max speed

Maximum speed of the pointer in seconds. (Default: 1.75)

Acceleration: Acceleration from the minimum to the maximum speed in seconds. (Default: 0.01)

The following settings apply by default:

  • Top Left Action: No action
  • Bottom Left Action: No action
  • Top Right Action: Middle mouse button
  • Bottom Right Action: Right mouse button

With some touchpads, you can assign functions to the four corners. Specify which mouse button is clicked by tapping in the relevant corner:

  • No action
  • Left mouse button
  • Middle mouse button
  • Right mouse button