Menu path: System > Firmware Customization > Environment Variables

Environment variables allow you to use dynamic parameter values for a number of session types, e.g. so as not to have to enter ICA or RDP servers for every session.

Predefined variables can also be allocated and distributed via the IGEL UMS. Additionally, defined variables can only be used locally on the thin client and may be overwritten by a UMS configuration.

Enable variable substitution in session: (default: disabled)

☑ The use of variables in sessions such as ICA and RDP is enabled. If specific parameters contain a $, shell substitution will be carried out.

☐ The use of variables in sessions is not enabled. (default)

The environment variables are available in the setup under Custom Commands.

In addition, the following session parameters can be updated through variables:

  • Legacy ICA sessions: Citrix Server or published application
  • Legacy ICA sessions: User
  • RDP session: Server
  • RDP session: User