The following requirements must be met:

  • The upgrade has been tested with characteristic devices.
  • UMS 6.01.130 or higher is available.
  • The appropriate IGEL OS 10 firmware version (10.05.700 or higher) is known to the UMS. For this purpose, a device with this firmware version must be registered in the UMS. This is already the case if you tested the upgrade with the same UMS with which you are about to do the mass upgrade. If not, you must register a device with the appropriate IGEL OS 10 firmware version now.
  • All devices are connected to a regular LAN (not OpenVPN, OpenConnect, genucard, or mobile broadband).
  • All devices are in a safe environment where the upgrade process cannot be disrupted, e.g. by powering off the devices.

When all the requirements are met, continue with Creating the Universal Firmware Updates.