Menu path: Sessions > AVD > AVD Sessions > [Session Name] > Printing > CUPS Printer Redirection

CUPS Printer Redirection

☑  CUPS printers configured under Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printers are redirected to the AVD session from the local endpoint. To disable/enable a CUPS printer for the AVD session, go to Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printers > [printer name] > Mapping in sessions > Map printer in AVD sessions, see Printers - Configure CUPS Printers in IGEL OS.

 Set the printer driver name under System > Registry > print.cups.printer%.wvd_printer_driver

  • The default Windows driver name is "Microsoft PS Class Driver"; it is usually installed by default and works generically.
  • In the case of a custom printer driver, make sure the driver is installed on the AVD side and enter the exact name of the driver.