If you use Zoom optimization, you have to select the required version of the Zoom VDI Media Plugin. 

The Zoom VDI Media Plugin version must be equal to or less than the version of the server-side Zoom VDI application; a plugin with a higher version is not supported. Zoom recommends updating the Zoom plugin after updating the Zoom VDI application since new features can require an updated plugin. For more information, see the Zoom article VDI backwards compatibility.

In addition, you can enable or disable the Smart Virtual Background feature of Zoom.

The Smart Virtual Background feature has a high consumption of CPU power. On weakly equipped endpoint devices, performance issues can occur. 

Menu path: Sessions > Unified Communications > Zoom Client Configuration

Zoom client version

Selects the Zoom client version to be used for the Zoom VDI Media Plugin. For the included Zoom client versions, see the "Component Versions" section in the IGEL OS release notes.

 The Zoom client for the relevant sessions can be activated as follows:

  • Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > VDI Solutions, parameter Zoom VDI Media Plugin
  • Sessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Unified Communications > VDI Solutions, parameter Zoom VDI Media Plugin
  • Sessions > AVD > AVD Sessions > [session name] > Plugins, parameter Zoom VDI Media Plugin

When using UMS profiles for configuration, make sure the firmware version the profile is based on matches the firmware actually installed on the device (see Creating Profiles). If they do not match and the client version selected via the profile is not included in the firmware, the client version will fall back to default.

Smart Virtual Background Support

Controls whether the Smart Virtual Background feature can be activated by the user.

Possible Options:

  • Off: Smart Virtual Background cannot be activated.
  • Auto (default): The system checks whether the hardware supports Smart Virtual Background feature. If this is the case, the feature can be activated.
  • Always: Smart Virtual Background can be activated irrespective of the hardware.