Menu path: Sessions > AVD > AVD Sessions > [Session Name] > Display

Window size: Specifies the width and height of the window.
Possible options:

  • "Full-screen": The session is shown on the full screen. The device's taskbar is not visible.
  • "Work area": The session is shown on the full screen, minus the area needed by the device's taskbar.
  • Numeric details: The session is shown in the selected resolution or on the selected percentage of the screen area.

Start monitor: Specifies the monitor on which the session is displayed.
Possible options:

  • "No configuration": The monitor is selected according to the current position of the mouse pointer.
  • "1st monitor"
  • "2nd monitor"

Multimonitor full-screen mode: This setting is relevant if more than one monitor is connected to the terminal.
Possible options:

  • "Global setting": Currently the same as "Multiple monitors".
  • "Single monitor": Restricts the full-screen session to one monitor.
  • "Multiple monitors": Displays the full-screen session on multiple monitors.
  • "Expand to all monitors": Expands the full-screen session across all monitors.

Scale factor: Specifies the desktop scaling in percent. 
Possible values:

  • "Automatic scale": The resolution set under User Interface > Display > Options > Monitor-DPI is used for the session.
  • Numeric details: The display is magnified by the factor given here.