1. Create one or more new Views to distinguish which thin clients will get the new update.
  2. Create a new Job, called "firmware update" for example.
  3. Specify on the Schedule tab when you want the update to be performed.

    The Repeat job option should not be activated for Update, Update on boot or Update on shutdown commands.
  4. Add one or more Views on the Assignment tab.
  5. Save the job.

The update process will be performed according to the schedule specified in the job.

Update Can Be Canceled After Timeout

An ongoing update can be canceled by the user if the "network online" status could not be reached within 10 seconds after the firmware update has been started. When the user has canceled the update, the normal desktop environment is started, just as before the update. This applies to the following cases:

  • Regular firmware update, e.g. from IGEL OS 11.03.500 to IGEL OS 11.04
  • A feature has been activated, e.g. VPN OpenConnect.
  • A Custom Partition has been activated or changed.