Working with two or more screens is becoming increasingly popular in professional working environments.

You can find out how to configure several screens and an extended desktop with the IGEL setup here.

There are different screen configuration options:

If you work with IGEL Universal Desktop or supported UDC2 hardware, multimonitor support is guaranteed.

Difficulties may arise if you work with UDC2 hardware and your hardware is not fully supported by IGEL.

Multimonitor configuration for unsupported hardware only works if native graphic driver support functions properly. You must ensure that the native driver really does work because the fallback VESA driver does not allow multimonitor configuration. Click About in the Application Launcher to determine which graphic chipset you work with. If VESA is listed there, the native driver will not work and multimonitor configuration will not be possible.

See the Linux 3rd party hardware database for supported graphic cards.