If you select Reset to factory defaults, all personal settings on the device (including your password and the sessions you have configured) will be lost.

You can also reset your device to factory defaults in the UMS Console under Devices > Other commands > Reset to Factory Defaults, see Devices

A warning message will appear on the screen before the procedure is carried out. If the device is protected by an administrator password, you will be prompted to enter this password.

Do You Know the Password?

  1. Confirm the warning message.

  2. Enter the password. You have three attempts.

Do You Not Know the Password?

  1. Confirm the warning message.

  2. When you are prompted to enter the password, press the Enter key three times.

  3. Press [c].
    The Terminal Key will appear.

  4. Contact us using license@igel.com.

  5. Enter the Terminal Key that is shown, the firmware version, and your contact details.
    IGEL will send you a so-called Reset to Factory Defaults Key that is specific for your device. To ensure that the process is as straightforward and yet as secure as possible, each key is valid for just one device.

    See also Resetting a Device with Unknown Administrator Password.