• Fixed video playback with enabled Citrix Browser Content Redirection.


  • Fixed RDP graphics issues with Windows 2008(R2) Server (when RemoteFX is not enabled).
  • Fixed RDP Web Access Domain Visibility not working correctly.
  • Fixed sound glitch while using PulseAudio system. PulseAudio is now the default sound driver.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed sound issue in Horizon client 5.x using PCoIP protocol.


  • Fixed: Homepage cannot be set
  • Fixed: RTSP media stream with enabled apparmor.


  • Fixed issue with configuration of more then one NTP server.
  • Fixed network interface device order for Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client so that the onboard interface always is the first one.

    When endpoint is updated from a previous firmware version, network interface device order might change

  • Changed minimal allowed MSS size to 750 to avoid problems with some VPN solutions.
  • Added new registry keys to be able to configure the minimal allowed TCP MSS size

    ParameterMinimal TCP send MSS size


  • Fixed not working 90meter in Firefox when apparmor is enabled.
  • Fixed handling of smartcards in pcsc-lite: Improved transaction locking. A new parameter was introduced to control the new behavior (enabled by default).

    ParameterAbort stalled transactions
    Rangeenabled / disabled
  • Fixed bug in smartcard transaction locking.
  • Fixed IGEL Smartcard to be able to handle VoIP client Ekiga sessions.
  • Fixed smartcard usernames displayed on login screen: non-ASCII characters were not shown correctly before.
  • Fixed error message on login screen, shown when smart card PIN is locked.

Base system

  • Fixed license handling: Add-on licenses can be used on top of Workspace Edition evaluation licenses now.
  • Fixed warnings when evaluation license is about to expire. In detail, removed warning when Enterprise Management Pack is about to expire and WE is already licensed.
  • Fixed ActiveDirectory/Kerberos password change with Change Password accessory for users which are member of many (~300+) AD groups.
  • Fixed IGEL License retrieval via FTP protocol in IGEL Setup Assistant and Licenses Browser tool.
  • Fixed bug in reboot message where not all available translations were used.
  • Fixed problems with missing library if using OpenConnect feature.
  • Changed: Bluetooth is off by default again. It wiil be temporary enabled for auto pairing before the initial Setup Assistant runs. Only if a device is paired during this phase, Bluetooth is enabled afterwards. To enable Bluetooth support by configuration use this parameter: 

    IGEL SetupDevices > Bluetooth  

    enabled / disabled

  • Fixed license information of Add-On licenses in category evaluation.
  • Re-fixed broken custom bootsplash when doing a reset to factory defaults via UMS.

Custom Partition

  • Automatic constrain of minimum size for custom partition to 5MB.

Firmware update

  • Automatic firmware update is now checked after retrieval of UMS settings.
  • If there are some not executed changes in the network configuration, these changes are applied automatically before performing firmware update.

Storage Devices

  • Fixed bug: udiskd mounted storage devices on behalf of user processes (e.g. parole) even if Storage Hotplug was disabled in the setup.

X11 system

  • Fixed issue with Wacom Signing Pads not being recognized as displays.
  • Solved issues with certain monitors on UD2 LX50.
  • Fixed Multi-GPU NVIDIA setups with Display Switch.
  • Prevent configuration of Display Switch utility on unlicensed device.
  • Fixed an issue with modesetting driver and DisplayLink USB graphic adapters.

X server

  • Fixed Xorg freezes when usage of modesetting driver and video acceleration.

Shared Workplace

  • Fixed broken Shared Workplace authentication when ICG is used.


  • Fixed EFI freeze problem after bootcode update on devices like the HP t630 and probably others too.
  • Added: Bluetooth tool shows now a message when no device is connected.
  • Fixed issue with limited colors on the DisplayPort 1 of UD2-LX50.

Remote Management

  • Fixed automatic registering in the UMS using DNS entry or DHCP tag during initial rollout.

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Fixed search for an available buddy update server when devices are managed over ICG.


  • Fixed sporadic connection failure in VNC server.