Menu path: Setup > Sessions > NoMachine NX Client > [Session Name] > Server

Here, you can specify the connection data for the NoMachine NX session.

  • Host: Host name or IP address of the NoMachine NX server.
  • Port: Port for connecting with the NoMachine NX server (default: 22).
  • Connection service: Protocol for connecting to the NoMachine NX server.
    Possible values:
    • SSH
    • NX
  • Session: Session type
    Possible values:
    • Unix: The session will run under Unix/Linux on the server side. X11 serves as the transmission protocol.
    • Windows: The session will run under Windows on the server side. RDP serves as the transmission protocol.
    • VNC: The session will be transmitted with VNC (Virtual Network Computing) via RFP (Remote Framebuffer Protocol). On the server side, the session can run on any operating system. A VNC server is required on the server.
    • Shadow: Protocol version for older VNC servers
  • Use following DSA key: DSA key which is to be used instead of the default key when logging on to the server. If no key is entered here, i.e. the field is empty, the thin client’s default key will be used. The default key is saved under /wfs/nxkeys/server.id_dsa.key.