Menu path: Setup > Sessions > X Sessions > [session name] > Server

Connection type: Connection type for the XDMCP session

Possible options:

  • Indirect via localhost: At startup, the thin client generates a list of found XDMCP hosts. The user can select a host. 
  • Indirect: At startup, a list of XDMCP hosts is displayed. This list is generated by the server specified under Name or IP of server. The user can select a host.
  • Direct: The login mask of the host specified under Name or IP of server is displayed
  • Broadcast: The thin client starts a broadcast request. The login mask of that XDMCP host is displayed which responds first.
  • Local display: The command specified under Command to be displayed is run.

Name or IP of server: Hostname or IP address of the XDMCP server

Command to be displayed: Command to be executed. The display is set in the DISPLAY environment variable.

Access control

☑  Access to this display from other computers will be controlled.

Terminate after one session

☑  The session is terminated when the user has logged out from the remote server.

Use quit hotkey

☑  The session can be terminated with a hotkey. A hotkey consists of one or more modifiers and a key.

Modifiers: A modifier or a combination of several modifiers for the hotkey. You can select a set key symbol/combination or your own key symbol/combination. A key symbol is a defined chain of characters, e.g. Ctrl. Here, you will find the available modifiers and the associated key symbols:

  • (No modifier) = None
     = Shift
  • [Ctrl] = Ctrl
     = Super_L
  • [Alt] = Alt

Key combinations are formed as follows with |:

Ctrl +   = Ctrl|Super_L

Quit hotkey: Key for the hotkey

To enter a key that does not have a visible character, e. g. the [Tab] key, open a terminal, log on as user and enter xev -event keyboard. Press the key to be used for the hotkey. The text in brackets that begins with keysym contains the key symbol for the Key field. Example: Tab in (keysym 0xff09, Tab)

Use fullscreen

☑  The XDCMP session is displayed in fullscreen mode.

Use fullscreen restricted to workarea

☑  The thin client's local taskbar is visible.

Window size: Window size for the XDMCP session. Default: 640x480

Color depth: Color depth for the XDMCP session. 

Possible options:

  • Same as display: The system settings for the thin client is used.
  • 256 colors
  • 65535 colors
  • True Color (24)
  • True Color (32)

Color allocation policy

Possible options:

  • Default
  • Mono
  • Gray
  • Color

Start monitor: Selects the monitor on which the XDMCP session ist displayed.

Possible options:

  • No configuration: The monitor is selected according to already existing windows and to the current position the mouse pointer.
  • 1st monitor
  • 2nd monitor
  • Fullscreen on all monitors