A token-based mechanism is used as a load balancing method. This document does not apply to other load balancing methods.


What string should be entered in Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session name] > Options to make token-based load balancing work?


IGEL OS 10.05.700 or Higher, IGEL OS 11.01.110 or Higher

 Under Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session name] > Options > Collection, simply enter the name of your RDS collection. The collection name has been defined by the server administrator.

IGEL OS 10.01 to 10.05.500, 11.01.100

 Under Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session name] > Options > Load balancing routing token, enter tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.[collection name], where

  • tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1. is the routing token
  • [collection name] is the name of the RDS collection, defined by the server administrator.