Disabling USB Boot prevents booting another operating system, which could be used to manipulate or (even accidentally) overwrite IGEL OS on mass storage.

Instructions for IGEL UD LX Devices

USB Boot is disabled in the factory settings on IGEL UD LX devices. If you want to disable it at any time in the devices lifetime, follow the instructions given here:

  1. Hold down the [Del ]key ([F2 ]key for UD2) while the system is booting.
    The UEFI menu opens.
  2. Use the arrow and return keys to go to SCU.
  3. Optional: Enter the UEFI password (if one is set).
    The Setup Utility opens.
  4. Go to Boot.
  5. Set USB Boot to Disabled.
  6. Press [F10]
  7. Confirm Exit Saving Changes?
  8. The device boots.

    Additionally, set a UEFI Password so the boot settings cannot be changed back.

Instructions for 3rd-party devices converted with UDC3

Refer to the instructions of your BIOS/UEFI vendor

Alternatively, try pressing [F12] (in general), [F10] (Intel devices) or [F9] (Hewlett-Packard devices) to access the BIOS/UEFI settings. If this does not work, try pressing [Del], [F1] or [F2] during booting.