Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Desktop > In-Session Control Bar

In a full-screen session, the in-session control bar allows you

  • to eject a USB drive,
  • to start the wireless manager,
  • to minimize the session view,
  • to end the session.
  • Use in-session control bar in all supported sessions

    ☑ The in-session control bar is shown. Depending on the configuration, the in-session control bar will be permanently visible or will be shown as soon as you move the cursor to the top edge of the screen.

    ☐ In-session control bar is not used. (default)

The in-session control bar is available for the following session types:

To use the in-session control bar, proceed as follows:

To eject a USB device, click .

To minimize the session view, click .

To end the session, click .

To make the in-session control bar permanently visible, click .