Mapping local Printer to Citrix or RDP Sessions


How to map a locally connected PCL/PS based printer to ICA or RDP session?


The CUPS driver does not support all printer functions such as duplex, color profiles, etc.


  1. Open local IGEL setup or UMS configuration or profile
  2. Go to Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printers
  3. Create a new printer and define a Printer Name
  4. Select the Printer Port your printer is connected to
  5. Set Manufacturer = Generic
  6. Set Printernames = Raw Queue
  7. Switch to tab Mapping in sessions
  8. Enable Map Printer in ICA/RDP Sessions
  9. Enable radio button Use Custom Windows Driver Name
  10. Enter the exact name of the windows driver installed on the server
  11. Check if Sessions > ICA/RDP Global > Mapping > Printer > Client Printer Mapping is enabled
  12. Start the ICA or RDP session and install the printer driver with the redirected port named TS00x/ClientPort

Last update: May 13, 2019