Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp > HDX/ICA Global > Mapping > Printers

You can set up a printer for ICA sessions here.

  • Enable Client Printer Mapping: With this function, the locally connected thin client printer is made available for your ICA sessions, provided that it was not disabled on the server side.
  • Set another default printer:

    ☑ Allows you to specify a default printer for the client which differs from the one defined in the printer setup.

    ☐ Do not set another default printer. (default)

  • Default Printer: Print queues used on the thin client to specify the default printer for the session. lp is the locally configured default printer.
  • Default Printer Driver: Windows driver name for the printer which is automatically set up. Enter one of the universal drivers or your own driver name here.
    Possible values:
    • Metaframe XP PS universal driver
    • Metaframe XP PCL5c universal driver
    • Metaframe XP PCL4 universal driver
    • Citrix PCL4 universal driver (old)
    • User entry

    The printers must be set up on the Devices > Printers > CUPS > Printers page and must be enabled there for mapping in ICA sessions, see ICA sessions.

Because the thin client merely places incoming print jobs in a queue, you need to install the printer on the server.