1. Go to Network > SCEP Client (NDES) > SCEP.
  2. Enter the following data:
    • SCEP server URL: URL by which the SCEP client communicates with the SCEP server.
    HTTPS is not supported; however, all security critical data that are transferred between the SCEP client and other components are encrypted.
    • Proxy server for SCEP requests (optional): IP address or host name of the proxy server that is used for the communication between the device and the SCEP server. If a web application firewall is used instead of a proxy, its IP address or host name of the proxy server must be entered here.
    • Challenge password: Password that the SCEP client must present to the SCEP server in its request (CSR).
    On a Microsoft NDES server, you can retrieve the password by default under https:///certsrv/mscep_admin.

    By default, the password on a Microsoft NDES server is valid for 1 hour and can be used only once. In order to use the password on numerous devices, additional settings must be made on the NDES server. For information, see the section "Password and Password Cache" on https://social.technet.microsoft.com.

    • Certificate renewal period (days): Time interval before certificate expiry after which the certificate renewal procedure is started. (Default: 30)
    • Certificate expiry check interval (days): Specifies how often the certificate is checked against its expiry date. (Default: 1)

  3. Save the settings.