Menu path: Setup > Security > Smartcard > Services

The PC/SC service makes the smartcard reader connected to the device and thus the smartcard inserted available to an application. This can be a server-side application where the data are forwarded via an RDP or ICA connection or a local application, e.g. the browser.

  • Enable PC/SC daemon

    ☑ The PC/SC service is enabled. The card reader is available for applications. (Default)

    ☐ The PC/SC service is disabled. The card reader is not available.

  • Currently active PC/SC devices: List of smartcard readers currently connected to the device. Internal smartcard readers and a variety of USB smartcard readers are supported.
    You will find a list of supported smartcard readers in the IGEL Hardware Database.
    See also Smartcard Readers Supported by IGEL Smartcards.
  • Cherry USB2LAN proxy

    ☑ The Cherry USB2LAN proxy is active and makes Cherry electronic health card devices available in the network via SICCT and HTTPS.

    ☐ The Cherry USB2LAN proxy is disabled. (Default)

  • Network interface (if the Cherry USB2LAN proxy is enabled)
    • auto: The first network interface with IPv4 address will be used for the proxy. (Default)
    • eth0: The Ethernet interface will be used.
    • wlan0: The WLAN interface will be used.