Configure your clients:

  1. Click System > Update > Firmware Update.

    Firmware Update

  2. Set the following parameters:
    Server Name: IP-address of the buddy update server
    Port: 21 (default with FTP protocol)
    Server Path: -
    User Name, Password of the buddy update server.
  3. Activate Automatic Update Check if you want the client to check automatically during the boot process whether new updates are available on the server.
  4. Activate Automatic Buddy Detection if you want the client to look for a buddy update server on its own.
    This is useful if you work with more than one buddy update server and do not wish to determine a specific one.

    More Server

    In this case, you do not need to define the Server Name, Port, and Server Path. If you enter a server name anyway, the system treats this server as a fall-back. Thus, you can be sure that the system accesses at least this one server if it cannot find any others.
    Ensure that all servers in the network use the same credentials. For security reasons, you have to enter them in the upper mask, even if you did not specify a certain server.