Leaving a screen unlocked enables attackers to access the system with the logged-in user's privileges. Manual or automatic locking the screen with a password prevents such access.

Instructions for Enabling Manual Locking

By default, there is no way for the user to manually lock the screen. To enable manual locking, follow these steps:

  1. In IGEL Setup go to User Interface > Screenlock / Screensaver
  2. Do one or both of the following:
    • Activate the Quickstart panel starting method to give the user a button for locking the screen manually.
    • Activate Use hotkey and set a combination of keys that lets the user lock the screen manually, e.g. [Ctrl-Shift-L].
  3. Click Apply.

Instructions for Automatic Locking

By default, the screensaver is started automatically after 5 minutes, but the screen is not locked with a password. To enable locking, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to User Interface > Screenlock / Screensaver > Options.
  2. Activate Start automatically.
  3. Set the Timeout, i.e. the number of minutes of user inactivity before the screensaver starts automatically. (Default: 5)
  4. As a password select User password (see Setting Local Passwords) or a separate Screenlock password (and set one). (Default: none)
  5. Optionally, check Allow administrator password to allow the administrator to unlock a user's screen. (Default: enabled)
  6. Click Apply.