Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp > HDX/ICA Global > Window

Under Window, you can configure the following settings:

Only for Legacy ICA sessions

  • Default Number of Colors: Specifies the default color depth.
    Possible values:
    • 16
    • 256
    • 32 Thousand
    • 16 million
    • Automatic
  • Approximate Colors: Given the differences between the color palettes used by the ICA client and the thin client desktop, the screen may flash annoyingly if you switch between windows on a pseudo-color screen. The ICA client's color adaptation scheme prevents this flashing as it uses the colors from the local desktop palette in order to display the ICA window session.

    ☑ Flashing when switching between windows is avoided.

    ☐ Disabled (Default)

  • Default window width: Specifies the window width in pixels (default: 640).
  • Default window height: Specifies the window height in pixels (default: 480)
  • Font smoothing: Enables font smoothing - in the event of performance problems, font smoothing should be switched off as it requires additional computing power.
    • Off
    • Default
    • ClearType

For all Citrix sessions

  • Multi-monitor full-screen mode:
    • Restrict full-screen session to one monitor
    • Extend full-screen session to all monitors
  • XenApp/StoreFront start monitor: Select the monitor on which the session is to start.
    • 1st Monitor
    • 2nd Monitor
  • Embed systray icons in taskbar: Inserts an application icon into the local taskbar.
    • On
    • Off
  • Control bar for Citrix sessions:

    ☑ Shows a control bar for minimizing and closing a Citrix full-screen session.

    ☐ Disabled (default)