Menu path: Setup > Network > Proxy

Here, you can select the communication protocols for which a system-wide proxy server is to be used.

  • Direct connection to the Internet: The thin client is directly connected to the Internet. No proxy is used.
  • Manual proxy configuration: One or more proxies are used.
  • FTP proxy / port: FTP proxy server and port.
  • HTTP proxy / port: HTTP proxy server and port.
  • SSL proxy / port: SSL proxy server and port.
  • SOCKS host / port: Socks proxy server and port.
  • SOCKS protocol version: Select the SOCKS protocol version (default: SOCKS v5)
  • No proxy for: List of computers to which the thin client is to connect directly, separated by commas (default: localhost,
  • Proxy realm for browser: Area in which the browser authenticates itself for the proxy. Together with the user name and password, this information is necessary for authentication. See also Browser Global Proxy
  • Use passthrough authentication

    ☑ The temporarily saved logon information (user name and password) will be used to log on to the proxy server.

    ☐ The logon information entered under User name and Password will be used to log on to the proxy server. (default)

  • User name: User name for the proxy logon.
  • Password: Password for the proxy logon.