Some IGEL OS features extend the feature set of the Workspace Edition and therefore require add-on licenses.

Add-on licenses are available for the following features:

  • PCoIP client by Teradici (from IGEL OS 11.01.110 to IGEL OS 11.06). For details, see PCoIP Session. From IGEL OS 11.01.110 to IGEL OS 11.06, this license can be purchased for a term of 1 year. As from IGEL OS 11.07, this license is already built-in, without any surcharge. Please note that if you downgrade from IGEL OS 11.07, a license is required for the PCoIP client by Teradici.
  • 90meters smartcard middleware (IGEL OS 11.01.110 or higher). For details, see Smartcard Middleware. This license is perpetual.
  • Ericom PowerTerm (IGEL OS 11.02.100 or higher). For details, see PowerTerm Session.  This license is perpetual.