To issue IGEL OS licenses, a unit ID list (list of hardware identifiers) is needed. This list must be provided in CSV format.

When you have created the unit ID list, you can use it to get you license files from the IGEL License Portal; see Getting the License File from the IGEL License Portal.

With UMS

To obtain a unit ID list from the UMS, proceed as follows:

  1. In the UMS, go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Device's Licenses.

  2. Click Export Unit ID list.
  3. In the Export Unit ID list wizard, select the filter that is appropriate for your purpose.  If you need a more sophisticated selection, create an appropriate view, select Export all Unit IDs from a view, and then select the view you have created. For more information about views, see the Views section in the UMS manual.
  4. Click Next.
    A list of all devices that will be included in the list is shown.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Enter a file name and save the CSV file.

Without UMS

If you want to create a unit ID list using an alternative method, the CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • The entries representing the unit IDs must be separated by commas "," or semicolons ";".
  • For IGEL devices or devices converted by IGEL OS Creator (OSC), the unit ID is identical to the device's MAC address. The colon ":" can be omitted. Example: 00E0C51C5087 or 00:E0:C5:1C:50:87
  • For UD Pockets, the unit IDs must be prefixed by a "#". Example: #85641000D308482019