There are two ways of getting your IGEL demo license:

The evaluation license will be valid for a period of 90 days.

A demo license provides the features and capabilities contained in the following Product Packs and licenses:

With your IGEL demo license, you get a temporary account in our Service Hub. By default, you will be assigned the role of the Super Admin. For details, see Managing Users and Roles in the IGEL Customer Portal.

Requirements for Getting a Demo License on First Startup

  • Network connection
  • The endpoint device has been converted by IGEL OS Creator (OSC) or is ready to boot from UD Pocket. For more information, see the IGEL OS Creator Manual or the IGEL UD Pocket User Manual.
  • Your device is not configured yet and has not been registered with the UMS.

Getting Your Demo License on First Startup

  1. Start the device.
    The Setup Assistant starts. For details about all configuration steps, see the manual chapter Setup Assistant for IGEL OS.

    If the IGEL Setup Assistant does not start, this means that your device has been configured or registered already. If this is the case, and you have a Delivery Token, continue with Getting the License File from the IGEL License Portal.
  2. At the step Activate your IGEL OS, make a choice when asked, and fill in every field to receive a 90-day evaluation license.

    Proxy configuration

    If you get an error message at this stage of the wizard, you may need to configure a proxy. Click Proxy configuration to get to the configuration dialog.
    For a description of the possible proxy settings, see the Troubleshooting: Proxy Configuration section under Setup Assistant for IGEL OS.

  3. Check I agree to the terms + conditions and privacy policy.
  4. Click ACTIVATE YOUR OS 11.
    When the license has been fetched, a confirmation is shown. Additionally, an e-mail is sent to the address you have provided. The e-mail contains links for downloading and installing the Universal Management Suite (UMS).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Continue with the configuration.
  7. When you have finished the configuration, click Restart.
    After the restart, your IGEL OS device is fully functional for a period of 90 days.