IGEL Software License Overview

Device Firmware and Licenses

With the start of the new license model, the IGEL hardware you purchased is no longer licensed. The devices are already flashed with IGEL OS 11, so you can start the device, log in to the network and register with the UMS.
In the following you will have to license it using the UMS; see IGEL Software Licenses How-Tos

The various IGEL software products are no longer licensed individually. Rather, they are combined in two packages. One basic package, the Workspace Edition, and one extension package, the Enterprise Management Pack.

Initially, you always activate the Workspace Edition license. These are the features:

Workspace Edition

Enterprise Management Pack

  • IGEL OS 11
  • Universal Management Suite (UMS)**
  • UMS High Availability (HA)
  • Multi Media Codec Pack (MMCP)
  • IGEL Management Interface (IMI)**
  • IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)
  • Shared Workplace (SWP)
  • Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT)
  • Custom Partition (CP)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)*
  • Unified Management Agent (UMA)*

*Unlimited Licenses

**Can also be used without Workspace Edition license


In parallel to the two packs, you should ideally conclude a Maintenance contract with IGEL, which will ensure that you can install our regular software updates and that you can use our support service.

Last update: March 11, 2020