The dashboard is shown after login or when you have clicked Home in the menu.

From the dashboard's header, you can jump to the Produckt Packs overview, register a Delivery Token, view all Product Packs which are to be renewed soon (RENEW NOW!), view all Product Packs that are expired, view all Product Packs that will expire within 30 days, and view all Product Packs that will expire within 90 days.

The area PRODUCT PACKS AND CONSUMPTION shows the percentage of licenses that are currently being used as a bar chart. One bar represents all Product Packs of one type, e.g. UDP for UD Pocket. Underneath the bar chart, all Product Packs that are not archived are listed. You can jump to the details and managing screen of a subscription by clicking  in the appropriate list entry.


The menu on the left-hand side has the following options:

  • Account menu (username@e-mail.com):
    • Register Delivery Token: Register a Delivery Token you have received from your IGEL reseller or from the IGEL Customer Care team.
    • Select company: Select the company for which you want to manage Product Packs or users. Relevant if you are assigned to more than one company. 
    • Manage company: Adding users to the company or removing users from the company.
    • Settings: Adjust your personal settings
    • Change password: Change your password
    • Delete account: Delete your account. To finally delete your account, you must click a confirmation link that is sent to you via e-mail.
    • Logout: Logout from this portal.
  • Home: Return to the dashboard
  • Orders: View all orders that are registered to the selected company
  • UMS Licensing ID: Register, remove, or edit one or more UMS Licensing IDs; manage Product Packs assigned to a UMS Licensing ID
  • Search hardware: Search for a device by hardware identifier (unit ID or MAC address)
  • Product Packs: View all Product Packs that are registered to the selected company
  • Archived packs: View all Product Packs that have been archived 
  • IGEL Knowledge Base: Open the IGEL Knowledge Base in a new tab or window

Delivery Token

When your order is processed, your IGEL reseller or the IGEL Customer Care team sends you a Delivery Token. This token enables you to generate all the ordered licenses by yourself. The Delivery Token is composed of "DLV" and a sequence of letters and numbers: DLV-<letters and numbers>. Example: DLV-GLYJR

Product Pack IDs

Every Product Pack has its own ID. The Product Pack ID is composed of the Product Pack type and a sequence of letters and numbers: <product pack type>-<letters and numbers>. Example: UDC3-ECAA2

Product Pack Types

The following Product Pack types exist:

  • WE: Workspace Edition. A container for a predefined amount of IGEL OS 11 licenses. These licenses can be used for UD, IGEL OS Creator and UD Pocket.
  • WE-E: Workspace Edition Evaluation: Workspace Edition for testing purposes which is valid for a limited time.
  • PWT: Add-on license for Ericom Powerterm (IGEL OS 11.02.100 or higher)
  • 90M: Add-on license for the 90meters smartcard middleware (IGEL OS 11.01.110 or higher)
  • TER: Add-on license for the PCoIP client by Teradici (IGEL OS 11.01.110 or higher)
  • EMP: Enterprise Management Pack. 
  • UDC2UPGR: UDC2 upgrade license. This license allows for upgrading a device from UDC2 to UDC3.
  • UDP: License for UD Pocket
  • UDC3: License for UDC3 
  • ICG: License for the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)
  • ADDON: License for add-ons which extend the capabilities of IGEL OS 10. This license may contain one or more of the following features:
    • POWERTERM: Powerterm
    • MMCP: Multi Media Codec Pack
    • SWP: Shared Workplace
  • SAM: Samsung IGEL OS 10 Upgrade License
  • IMI: License for the IGEL Management Interface (IMI)
  • AIT: License for the Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT)
  • IZUPGR: License for upgrading from an IGEL zero client to an IGEL device (Universal Desktop, UD)

IZ Devices

IZ devices are not allowed to upgrade to IGEL OS 11. Please contact your sales representative for an UD Upgrade License which allows to upgrade your IZ devices.

Last update: September 27, 2019