What Is the IGEL OS 11 Migration Plan?

The IGEL OS Migration Plan is an opportunity to move to IGEL OS 11 at a low cost and in the easiest way. It succeeds the IGEL OS 11 Trade-Up program which ended on December 31, 2021. 

We want to make this very simple; when you purchase maintenance for 2 or 3 years together with IGEL OS 11, you can move your existing endpoint devices to our latest operating system and receive future updates. Some older devices do not have the minimum specifications required, so please check to ensure that the hardware you are using supports 64-bit and have at least 2 GB RAM and 4 GB storage.

In addition, if you have IGEL OS 10 with current IGEL maintenance, you can migrate to IGEL OS 11 free of charge regardless of whether or not your devices already include the Multi-Media Codec Pack (MMCP).

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you are an existing IGEL customer who is not yet on IGEL OS 11 and fulfills the following requirements: 

  • Running IGEL Linux v4, IGEL Linux v5, or IGEL OS 10
  • You have tested that IGEL OS 11 works in your environment

How Long Is The IGEL OS Migration Plan Available For?

The IGEL OS 11 Migration Plan started on January 1, 2022, and will run up to July 31st, 2022.

What Are the Benefits of IGEL OS 11?

The Benefits of Upgrading IGEL OS and IGEL Endpoints offers a chronological and comprehensive overview of the latest features and capabilities of IGEL OS and UMS with each update since 2019. The document is updated upon each release

Among the benefits of IGEL OS 11 are:

  • License portability; for details, see License Portability
  • The Multi-Media Codec Pack (MMCP) is included in the Workspace Edition license
  • New remote session protocols are included, such as:
    • AVD
    • The latest version of the Citrix Workspace App
    • The latest version of the Horizon client
    • Etc...
  • The Custom Partition feature is included in the Workspace Edition license; a valid subscription/maintenance is required.
  • Improved functionality in the IGEL License Portal (ILP)
  • More embedded technologies, access to the latest version of clients, codecs, protocols, all the latest integrations with our now 110+ technology partners
  • IGEL Unified Management Suite with High Availability (UMS HA) and IGEL Management Interface (IMI) are included in the Workspace Edition license
  • Ability to add the following value-added UMS features by purchasing an Enterprise Management Pack license:
  • 30-day IGEL OS 11 starter license to get up-and-running easily
  • Any other ongoing new features and updates that you cannot get with anything but IGEL OS 11

Where Can I Find Out How Many Licenses I Have?

The best place to look is in your UMS database. IGEL can help you create a view to show you how many endpoints you have.

Can I Buy More Than Three-Year Maintenance?

No. Only two years or three years, with two being the minimum.

Is There a Separate Order Code for the Migration Plan?

Yes, this is listed in the latest price book.

Can I Co-term These New Migration SKUs with My Other IGEL Services?

Yes, any IGEL service with an expiration date can be co-termed. Examples: Priority Support, a Technical Relationship Manager, IGEL Academy subscription, IGEL Maintenance, and Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) subscription.

Can I Combine the Migration Plan with Other Promotions?

Sorry but no.

Do I Have to Purchase This Migration Plan To Migrate My IGEL OS 10 Devices to IGEL OS 11?

If the maintenance for your IGEL OS 10 devices is still running, you can migrate them to IGEL OS 11 without purchasing the IGEL OS 11 Migration Plan (provided you have tested it IGEL OS 11 works for you).

What about Support for This Plan?

Contact the IGEL Migration Team at customer-renewals@igel.com for further questions and advice on the best migration path for your business. In addition, all the usual support packages that IGEL offers will be available:

  • Pre-Sales Support to help you with testing
  • Select Support – access to the IGEL Knowledge Base and e-mail support
  • Priority Support
  • Priority Plus Support

What Are the System Requirements for IGEL OS 11?

Basically: Any endpoint device with a 64-bit system and at least 2 GB RAM and 4 GB storage.

For a list of 3rd party devices that are officially supported by IGEL OS 11, see Devices Supported by IGEL OS 11.

For a complete list of IGEL devices that are supported by IGEL OS 11, see IGEL Devices Supported by IGEL OS 11

For a complete list of which IGEL device supports which version of the IGEL firmware, see IGEL Devices and Supported Firmware.

You can find the minimum requirements under Installation Requirements.

Do I Have to Move From IGEL Linux v4 / IGEL Linux v5 to IGEL OS 10 First?

No, you don’t because the IGEL OS Migration Plan is a license migration, not a firmware migration. If the device is OS 11 capable, you can re-flash the unit, just like with a normal 3rd party hardware conversion. This is done with the IGEL OS Creator (OSC); see the IGEL OS Creator Manual

What If the LX 4 / LX 5 IGEL Hardware Cannot Take the New IGEL OS 11 But I Want to Move to IGEL OS11?

You can purchase a new IGEL device or a 64-bit capable endpoint from a 3rd party manufacturer, preferably one that is officially supported by IGEL OS 11. For more information, see Devices Supported by IGEL OS 11

Do I Have to Buy the Multi-Media Codec Pack (MMCP) If I Want to Move My UDC3/UDP to IGEL OS 11?

No, we removed the restriction that the MMCP is required to convert to Workspace Edition licenses.

Can I Upgrade IZ Devices to IGEL OS11?

Yes, that is possible. In case you have an M320 or M330 (IZ3) it is not recommended as these models do not have hardware acceleration. If you can send us a screenshot of your UMS that shows how many IZ devices you have in your network, we can ship you an equal number of migration licenses. You can use them on newer hardware.

Can We Migrate on Compact, Winestra, Premium Models?

In special cases, you can order a “migration“, but you have to use different hardware. Please refer to system requirements.