No More Delivery Tokens

As of September 2021, licenses are instantly ready for use, without Delivery Tokens. However, licenses purchased before September 2021 still require Redeeming a Delivery Token.

Renewal Process

  • The renewal process has been simplified, see Renewing a Maintenance.
  • Together with a renewal, you can acquire additional licenses; in this case, a new Product Pack is created which shares the same Subscription Key as those Product Packs that have been renewed.

Merging Product Packs

Splitting Product Packs

Co-Terming/Renewal: Changed Process

  • The process for co-terming and renewal has been changed. Therefore, the relevant menu entry has been removed from the ILP.

Inviting a User to Your Company

  • A new contact address can be specified with a license order; if so, IGEL requests the company administrators to assign the contact as a user to their company. The invite process is described under Inviting a User to Your Company

Subscription Key

Username (E-Mail Address) Not Editable

  • It is no more possible to change the username, i.e. the e-mail address, of a user account. For account settings that can be changed, see Overview, section "Menu", list entry "Settings".

New Statuses for Product Packs

  • The new statuses MERGED and NOT_YET _ACTIVATED have been added. For details, see the Overview for the ILP.