Renewal Procedure


  • When you have received new licenses, you must accept the EULA for each new Product Pack. This will be simplified with the next release.

Global Account ID Visible in ILP

  • The Global Account ID identifies the end-customer and is under the Manage Company section in the IGEL License Portal (ILP).
    To place a new order or to submit a license renewal, you require the Global Account ID and the Subscription Key. The Global Account ID can also be used as a purchase reference number. The Subscription Key is located in the Subscription Key section in the ILP.

Changes in ILP 3.1.2

No More Delivery Tokens

As of September 2021, licenses are instantly ready for use, without Delivery Tokens. However, licenses purchased before September 2021 still require Redeeming a Delivery Token.

Renewal Process

Merging Product Packs

Splitting Product Packs

Co-Terming/Renewal: Changed Process

  • The process for co-terming and renewal has been changed. Therefore, the relevant menu entry has been removed from the ILP.

Inviting a User to Your Company

  • A new contact address can be specified with a license order; if so, IGEL requests the company administrators to assign the contact as a user to their company. The invite process is described under Inviting a User to Your Company

Subscription Key

Username (E-Mail Address) Not Editable

  • It is no more possible to change the username, i.e. the e-mail address, of a user account. For account settings that can be changed, see Overview, section "Menu", list entry "Settings".

New Statuses for Product Packs

  • The new statuses MERGED and NOT_YET _ACTIVATED have been added. For details, see the Overview for the ILP.