The IGEL Linux Setup provides a list of available services to be enabled or disabled; see IGEL Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Features.

As these features are part of the firmware, they are regularly maintained by IGEL.

However, there are two different kinds of features:

  • features with full support
  • features with limited support.

For the features with limited support, IGEL cannot guarantee that all functions will be available throughout the complete lifetime of the product. IGEL will do its best to solve upcoming problems but cannot give assurance. Support for these features is provided on a no-obligation and best effort basis only.

Why is IGEL not able to provide full support?

Let us take the example of the Mobile Device Access USB feature:

There is a high demand of making mobile devices accessible with IGEL thin clients. That is why IGEL supports the integration of the Mobile Device Access USB. Due to the dynamics and technical heterogeneity of the mobile device market we have limited influence on the functionality of this feature.

There are following reasons:

  • the protocols of mobile devices are often not available or open source community reverse engineering
  • there are too many devices on the market we do not know (Android)
  • protocols change because of software updates (iOS)

Due to our strong orientation towards the customers demand we offer this feature even if we can provide support on this limited level only.