What kind of firmware releases are there?

Code-level maintenance for software releases is typically delivered in form of Release Version updates, Stable Releases or Private Builds.

Private Builds are minor updates of the Release Version, Stable Releases are publicly available interim releases, a base for both kinds is the latest released Release Version. When an updated Release Version is released, it will replace all the previous firmware versions unless otherwise noted by IGEL.

A special case is a Dead End Release, which is a special kind of Private Build. Support for this version is given and will be handled like usual Private Builds.


How is the firmware supported?

1: IGEL offers support for the last Release Version (e.g. 10.0x.100) and within the current software series. This includes all corresponding Stable Releases (e.g. 10.02.x00) and the so-called Private Builds (e.g. 10.02.1xx). Bug fixes and adjustments will be done for the latest Release Version only. 

2: IGEL offers support for all available releases. However, hotfixes are limited to the latest Release Version (e.g. 10.0x.100) and its Stable Releases (e.g. 10.02.x00) and Private Builds (e.g. 10.02.1xx). Previous firmware versions will not be modified, enhanced, or altered once an updated version is available.

Therefore, customers may require upgrading to the latest version. 

Supported by IGEL support

Passed quality assurance run

Can be used in productive environment

Download from public server / UMS update mechanism possible

Guarantee for subsequent releases

Release Version

Stable Release

Private Build

only if scheduled for the public download

only if it fixes a general problem

Dead End Release

Important: No support for the upgrade from IGEL Linux 10 to IGEL OS 11

Release Candidate

Technology Preview

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