Creating Licenses from Smartcard

If you use the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC2), you will have a USB flash drive and a smartcard on which the license is stored.

This method is not available on IGEL Linux 10 or UDC3.


  • You have already installed the IGEL Universal Desktop OS on the target system.
  • The devices are registered on the UMS server.
  • The driver for the smartcard reader is installed. You will find it on the USB flash drive.

Attaching the Smartcard (UDC2 Token) to the Target Device

UDC Installation Process

  1. Put the SIM card with the licenses sideways in the slide of the USB flash drive.
  2. Put the slide into the USB flash drive.
  3. Put the USB flash drive in the device where the UMS console is installed.

Generating the Licenses via Thin Client (UMS 5.09 or Higher)

As with version 5.09, the UMS does not generate licenses from a smartcard by itself. However, you can configure a thin client as a licensing server which generates and provides licenses. For further information, see Setting up Automatic UDC2 License Deployment (you can ignore the step "Attach the UDC2 token" as this is already described above).

Generating the Licenses via UMS (UMS 5.08 or Lower)

  1. Depending on your UMS version, proceed as follows: 
  2. Click System > License Management in UMS Console to open the License Management window.

    From UMS Version 5.07.100, the license management for thin client licenses can be found under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses.
  3. Click Create license from smart card and confirm.
    You will be given a list showing the number of available licenses.

    Create lincense from smart card

  4. Choose the unlicensed devices for which you require a license.
    A license will be created from the USB flash drive.
  5. Boot the device twice to activate the license and the corresponding functions.

    To check whether the license update has worked, check the Product ID which should have changed.

    The new licensed thin clients and UDC2 devices are now listed up in the License management window.

There are three places where the license is stored:

  • On the IGEL thin client or UDC2 device
  • On the UMS
  • On the USB flash drive

    If, for some reason, you want to delete the license, you have to delete it from all these three places.

Last update: October 4, 2018