You have the following options to edit the configuration of your IGEL OS 12 device:

  • via the IGEL UMS Web App:
    • Configuration > Create new profile (Use the App Selector to select one or several apps which will be configured by the profile.)
    • Apps > [name of the app] > Create new profile (used to quickly configure a profile for the selected app. It is also possible to add other apps which will be configured by this profile)
    • Devices > [name of the device] > Edit Configuration (In the device configurator, all installed apps are displayed under the tab Apps.)
  • via IGEL Setup locally on the device (shows all installed apps. Apps are displayed under the tab Apps)

The best practice to configure your devices is via profiles. For details on how to create profiles, see How to Create and Assign Profiles in the IGEL UMS Web App.

How to Create a Session

  1. In the profile configurator, go to Apps > Media Player > Media Player Sessions.

  2. Click .

    The session is created.

  3. Edit the settings according to your needs; for details, see Configuring the Media Player (Parole) on IGEL OS.