With AMD Memory Guard, IGEL enhances the security capabilities of the UD3 model M350C and UD7 model H860C.

AMD Memory Guard enables real-time memory encryption, which helps to protect against physical attacks and to secure data stored in RAM. The encryption is done on the basis of the randomly generated AES 128-bit encryption key and performed as such by the AMD Secure Processor integrated in the IGEL device. 

For more information about AMD Memory Guard, see https://www.amd.com/system/files/documents/amd-memory-guard-white-paper.pdf.

Activation / Deactivation

  • AMD Memory Guard is available and activated by default as of BIOS version 3.5.13A-07222020. 

  • The activation/deactivation status is indicated in the About window, accessible via the icon , as of IGEL OS 11.04.100.
  • AMD Memory Guard can be deactivated in BIOS under Setup Utility > Security.

    1. Turn on (or restart) your device.
    2. During boot, hold the [DEL] key until you see the Front Page screen shown below.
    3. Choose Setup Utility.
      The InsydeH20 Setup Utility opens.
    4. Go to Security.
    5. Select AMD Memory Guard and change the settings.
    6. Press [F10] to save the changes.

As AMD Memory Guard has only a minor impact on system performance – e.g. on M350C, the reduction equals to 1-1.5% – it is advisable to leave the feature activated.